The Crescent-Parramatta

The Crescent at Parramatta Park is one of the important cultural and natural features of the park. The Crescent provides a beautiful panoramic view of the Parramatta River and the place is also used as a park amphitheatre as well as a recreational place for various events.

Lighting, Art & Science was engaged to design a lighting solution for the stair and pathways. The lighting design was developed to seamlessly integrate the landscape and also enhance the night-time user experience. Ambient illumination of the stairs via handrail lighting was used to craft a journey connecting the upper and lower park areas adjacent to the memorials and important heritage items.

This artful illumination of the stairs highlights the main thoroughfare to the crescent and creates a wonderful illuminated backdrop during night-time.

Client – Parramatta Park Trust
Consultant-Group GSA
Photographer-Simon Wood Photography

Date: July 25, 2018
Category: Exterior