National Boer War Memorial-Canberra, ACT

Lighting, Art & Science were the lighting and electrical consultants for the National Boer War Memorial located on the ceremonial axis of ANZAC Parade in Canberra. In collaboration with Group GSA, Lighting, Art & Science established the lighting design strategy to present the memorial as a unique experience to both pedestrians and people driving past the memorial at night. In the form of slow light sequence, the sculptures slowly reveal themselves from the dark surrounds creating intrigue and a sense of movement.

The design team began their work on-site examining different variations of fixture positions, beam angles and colour temperatures. While testing different fixtures on the memorial, it was noticed that the warm colour temperature light brought out the statue’s beautiful bronze tone, therefore warmer 3000K inground light sources were selected and used for highlighting the statues and the copper memorial walls in the background.

This use of warm light sources with various light intensities created a depth and layering of space. It also helped to emphasize the sculptural forms and facial expressions of the mounted Troopers, the centrepieces to the memorial created by eminent sculptor Louis Laumen and also to highlight the rocky undulating landscape setting.

Client – National Boer War Memorial Association

Photographer-Ben Wrigley

Date: July 25, 2018
Category: Artwork