Walter Gors Park – Dee Why

Lighting, Art & Science were engaged to design the public domain lighting for the new park at Dee Why – Walter Gors Park.

The park is part of the Dee Why Town Centre Upgrade, which was recently expanded and revitalised to cater to the growing local community. New features in the park include a large grassed area, children’s playground, nature play area, community herb garden, outdoor fitness and kitchen area, improved seating, accessible toilets, landscaping and a water feature.

The public domain lighting design serves to enhance visitor experience in the park. Warm white LED lighting was selected to give the space a soft and inviting feel, and to offer a safe and comfortable environment for the local community to gather. The main walkway lighting ensures safe passage and guides visitors to various points of interests in the park. The BBQ area, children’s playground and water feature are individually illuminated to welcome users and encourage communal activities. Use of coloured LED lights within the water feature adds an element of dynamics and entices visitors to the area.

Soft uplighting was used to ensure glare-free, uniform illumination to the main grassed area and enhance the landscape. The pedestrian cycleway link is well-lit with controlled lighting to improve safety.

Care was taken to ensure minimal impact on the night sky.


  • Client – Warringah Council
  • Landscape Architects – Tract Consultants
Date: May 19, 2017
Category: Exterior